The Healing Forest -Mukti     >>
This music will take you to places deep within your own being, to inner worlds you’ve never seen, to strange but wonderful realms of celestial sound and mystical beauty. The self dissolves and individual perception expands to embrace the universe itself.
 Echoes from Eternity -Pandit Shivkumar Sharma   >>
Delightful as always is Pandit Shivkumar Sharma. In Echoes from Eternity, he truly scintillates with his musical mastery. The first meditative strains of the Santoor wash upon you, joyous, auspicious and charming. Though based on bhajan tunes, the music is of a light semi-classical nature. As with great music, you return to it each time with a better understanding and fondness. Definitely recommended for stress relieving.
A  Feather Dances    >>
Pravin Godkhindi: Indian bamboo flute
Shabir Ahmed: Keyboards
D. Srinivas Achar: 12 String guitar
Caleb: Bass guitar
Kumar: Rhythm box & pads
Madhusudhan: Tabla
Satyamurthy: Tabla
M. Kumar: Santoor
H. P. Srinivasan:
The Orient is Alive    >>
Pravin Godkhindi: Indian bamboo flute/Bansuri
Shabir Ahmed: Keyboard
D. Srinivas Achar: 12 String guitar
Caleb: Bass guitar
Kumar: Rhythm box & pad
Madhusudhan: Dholak, khanjira & kunnakkol
Praveen D. Rao: Tabla, udike & kunnakkol
(Released Feb. 2001)
Enchanting Divine    >>
This haunting melody will transport you to that unforgettable state we all crave for - That of bliss absolute. The flute is reminiscent of the sound of 'OM' or the unstruck sound, resounding spontaneously in each of us.
Pravin Godkhindi: Music composed & arranged
Pravin Godkhindi: Indian bamboo flute
Shabir Ahmed: Keyboards
(Released Feb. 2001)
Brindavan -Mukti   >>
Brindavan is music inspired by love and devotion. It captures that rhythm of the union of the Soul with God. The mellifluous strain of the flute is like the beacon that finally focuses on the tower of pure love and divinity.
Kenneth DeSouza (Mukti)
Rakesh Chaurasia: Guest artist
In Silience -Yashu   >>
It features nine meditative compostions with an intriguing musical depth, inviting the listener to move into a space of silence where meditation and inner healing easily occur.
Yashu: Silver flute, bamboo flute
Tabla, santoor
Tanpura, tamburi, vocals
 Let Go -Inner Vision   >>
Ambient trance dance meditation.
Sandesh: Percussion, synthesizer
Rupesh: Percussion
Marco: Guitar synthesizer
 Sama -Bahram & Bashir  >>
The music created by this harmonious play between father and son, touches the listener through its simple beauty and innocence-evoking the memory of a mystical world.
Bahram: Santoor
Additional percussion
Oasis -Yashu   >>
The scales of her flute carry the heart of the East; soft and playful she is guiding the listener inward. The melodies are centered in her heart, some are from now, others were composed twenty years ago in the presence of Osho.
Yashu: Flute, tanpura
Guitar, keyboard
Drums, percussion
Bass, japaquinho, guitar, guimbri
Whitefield -Sama Chintha    >>
Music from the heart
A new INSTRUMENTAL version of well-known bhajans.